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Collagen Induction Therapy: Nano Needling

Nano needling is a gentle and effective non-invasive skin treatment that targets a large variety of skin concerns with no downtime. There is no pain, inflammation, bleeding, or discomfort. The Nano cartridge is high quality, stainless steel cone shaped pins tipped with a thin layer of silicon. Nano needling gently punctures and separates cells and creates tiny nano channels in the epidermis. Weekly treatments can be done.

What to learn more about Nano Needling? Watch the short informative video.

CIT Nano Needling with Kalahari Lifestyle professional skincare products includes:
Double Cleanse, Steam, Enzyme Exfoliation, Tone, Extractions,
Ampoule (2 options: anti-ageing or hyperpigmentation),

Nano Needling with Face Serum (3 options: anti-ageing, hydrating or oil control),
Eye Serum, LED Light Therapy Mask, Moisturise, Protect (SPF)

Also includes: consultation, skin analysis, homecare prescription card, and samples.

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